MEDYAS provides lasting and effective media and public relations counselling services through its understanding of values of services, merging knowledge, experience and creative thought.

Press and Public Relations Consulting Services

  • Determining press strategies and the appropriate means of communications
  • Determining public relations strategies
  • Planning and implementing public relations events and activities
  • Organizing press activities and events
  • Preparing and distributing press releases, newsletters and bulletins
  • Organizing press meetings
  • Planning interviews and exclusive news coverage, and ensuring that they appear in the press
  • Media follow-up
  • Planning and implementing campaigns and projects
  • Promotion – organization projects and their implementations

Press Strategy Planning

  • Research, development and implementation phases determining the target group
  • Preparing media texts
  • Selecting the media
  • Researching the behaviors and opinions of consumers with regard to a specific product
  • Budget estimation and planning


  • Designing and preparing internal newspapers and periodicals
  • Designing and preparing external newspapers and periodicals