With the extra strength it draws from the other companies operating under the umbrella of Serenas Group which embraces a service concept combining knowledge, experience and creative thinking, MEDYAS offers you the most creative, effective, practical, solution-oriented, long-lasting and high-impact press and public relations advisory services. MEDYAS produces integrated solutions to its client institutions, organizations and companies, and applies total quality management in promotion activities. MEDYAS is a PR company that can undertake a whole promotional campaign with its state of the art equipment and specialized technical staff, who are all experts in their own fields, and that can carry its business partners up to where they deserve.

The main objective of MEDYAS is to plan the short-term and long-term strategic communications activities of its business partners, to realize these strategies by using the most effective and appropriate communication methods, and to ensure that the image intended for the client organization or a particular product is perceived correctly by the target groups.

  • Determining media strategies and communication means
  • Determining public relations strategies
  • Planning and implementing public relations activities
  • Organizing visual and written media activities
  • Preparing and distributing press bulletins
  • Organizing press meetings
  • Planning interviews and preparing special news ensuring the media coverage
  • Follow up and filing the printed and visual media
  • Planning and implementing campaigns and projects
  • Preparing projects and implementing their promotions and organizations activities